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Jamar Ricketts

Digital Strategist & Director

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for the community to learn more about your work.

" yeah, I’m a digital strategist in Las Vegas right now. born in LA & raised in Las Vegas, I skated myself into college and picked up some extra interests. When I was a little dude my dad use to take me to auditions to be in commercials, the memories grow more faint as I get older but one of my first memories was getting so shy on set one time to where I froze and sorta embarrassed my dad. it’s one of the very few memories I have left but probably the most inspiring memory that got me into film making. In college I majored in psychology and tried to minor in film but ended up in theatre, so I knew I was up for a confrontation of feelings. As nervous as I was, my personality seemed to make up for it and theatre ended up becoming more psychological than psychology it’s self.

as I delved deeper into film making I finally directed my first film at 19 with a production cost of 11k or so; I fumbled that shit so bad lmao.. granted it was the best learning experience I could have and made me realize that there was so much more filmmaking than just creating the content, I needed to make it visible.

Eventually I got jaded from making content and watching the hours everyone put into a piece only catch like 1k – 5k views or whatever, so I got into marketing. Shit was annoying af because it was common sense. Eventually my studies landed me some gigs here and there to eat so I continued building websites, running ads, seo, email marketing, social media marketing etc. etc.

Slowly as I got good at marketing and systems I realized every client and person I met was still missing unique content. I decided to build a few content teams myself and mitigate projects to meet marketing objectives for the brands I was doing marketing for.

I’m at a space now where I’m providing digital strategy & content creation to small businesses and artist & slowly building my portfolio, but my goal is to be able to work alongside fashion brands, and new industry artists on directing brand campaigns. All of my friends are models, rappers, producers, or an artist in some way and I believe if I can place myself in a proper position to be apart of the campaigns that bring more authenticity, I’ll be able to provide real support to all entrepreneurs aiming to inspire & earn in the entertainment industry.

My name is jamar but you can find me every where under the name “socialsecuritii”. The nickname is inspired by the one thing we need most I believe. whether that be literally or metaphorically. I believe in feeling socially secured in your environment, the fact that any of us feel otherwise should not be limited to circumstance."

Jamar Ricketts
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